Laser Hair Removal

We use the the GentleYag Laser (Candela, USA) to achieve permanent hair reduction.
Questions Answers
Is laser hair removal painful? For the legs & face it is usually tolerable, however in areas like the armpits & groin, we use a numbing cream (EMLA) to ensure extra comfort.
Is laser hair removal permanent? YES, though its best described as permanent hair reduction
How many treatments are necessary? Usually 5-8 treatments
What is the interval of treatment? Depends on the rate of hair regrowth. so usually it would be every 2 weeks on the face, every 4-6 weeks for the arms or legs, & this may vary with the individual
What about cost? This varies widely depending on the density & surface area to be covered, so it is best to be consulted in person to get an accurate assessment. (Consult us for costing - Contact Us)